Talks About Tech Weekly Episode 61 ‘Control your Phone with your Eyes’


On this episode I talk about the great app wunderlist, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and much more. Enjoy!

Tech I’ve Been Using This Week

  • Wunderlist – Wunderlist is a great note taking application that I just found. Wunderlist allows you to create an event and write down notes for that event. You can use it for shopping lists for example but I’m using Wunderlist for my shownotes as it is really simple to use and I can easily share my shownotes with guests and co-hosts.
  • Huawei Wi-Fi Hotspot from Meteor – €70 will get you the huawei wifi hotspot. You can use a Meteor 3G sim card and you can connect up to 5 devices at once.

Samsung Galaxy S4 On the 14th March Samsung had an event in New York and announced the Galaxy S4. Here are the specs: – International Processor a 1.6GHz Octa Core processor US 1.9GHz Quad Core processor. – 2GB Ram – 2,600mAh Battery – 16/32/64 GB Models with Micro SD Card Slot up to 64GB – 5″ Full HD display 441ppi better than retina – White Frost and Black Mist Colour options. – 13 MP rear camera and 2MP front camera Samsung also added lots of new and innovative software features such as Air Gesture which allows you to swipe your hand in front of the device without touching it to scroll a webpage or swipe through photos great for if your reading a recipe when your baking, Smart Pause which when you look away from the device will pause what you are doing if it’s a game or a video for example, Group Play if you are in a group of people you can beam a song, photo or video so that everyones phone is playing the song at the same time, S Health which is an app that gives you health stats such as calories burned and walking distance etc. Samsung will also be releasing a number of accessories for that like a wrist band and S Translator if someone is talking to you in another language you can turn it on and it will translate what the person is saying using the microphone. Google Reader Shutting Down Google reader was first founded in 2005 and I have used it extensively in the past as my main tool for managing RSS feeds. Google has announced that they will be shutting down google reader in July. I think the reason why Google Reader did not kick off was because when other RSS feed managers such as flipboard were in the mobile space with native apps for iOS and Android, Google Reader remained un-updated as a web based service. If you use Google Reader now there are many solutions for you. I would recommend you check out feedly as it has a great interface and has been around for a long time.