Talks About Tech Weekly Episode 56 ‘Sky Broadband Update’


On this episode I talk about the Playstation 4, the Sky Broadband Service and much more. Enjoy!

Playstation could be announced this month

Sony has scheduled an event for the 20th Feb in New York. Could this be a PS4 launch?
The PS3 is years old and is in desperate need of a revamp. When Battlefield 3 came out consoles could only run it at 30fps and Dice had to limit the destruction and graphics that the game could of had. Many games are coming out for PC only because they are so much more graphically advanced that the ancient consoles. The release of the console is said to be later on this year and will, according to the Wallstreet Journal focus not on juicing up the hardware but on the way the players interact with the console. They also said that the PS4 will use an AMD chip rather than the chip that was developed by Sony, Toshiba and IBM in the PS3. This could cause compatibility issues with current games.

Blackberry 10
Blackberry 10 is out and the first device running it is the new Blackberry Z10. I Really like the Z10. The hardware itself looks really clean while not looking like an iPhone! It also has a removable battery which is always a plus on a smartphone today. Here are the specs of the phone:

  • 4.2 inch display – 768×1280 (355ppi)
  • 16GB Storage and 2GB Ram.
  • 8MP camera.
  • Dual Core 1.5GHz Krait CPU

The software looks nice too. I like the idea that instead of having to press the unlock button to unlock the phone you can just slide from the bottom of the screen. The software itself looks very like iOS on the homescreen but it many cool features. I love the way the OS handles multitasking. They have also introduced Blackberry Hub which is a place to see all of your emails, bb messages, facebook and twitter stuff.

The biggest problem I see with Z10 is the App Store or lack of. We have to remember it is a brand new OS but that is the one thing that would put me off buying the device. I think that blackberry would have to make it very easy for developers to port their apps from iOS and Android. Could it be too late for Blackberry? We’ll just have to see.

The Z10 has been released in Canada as Blackberry is a Canadian company. I haven’t seen it on sale in Ireland yet but it’s available in the UK now.

15,000 Raspberry Pi’s Type A coming to students in the UK sponsored by Google.
Google are providing 15,000 of the new $25 Raspberry Pi’s to students in the UK.
I have been using the Raspberry Pi extensively in my project, Elder World. The new Raspberry Pi will have no internal ethernet however. Just a USB wifi.

Injection-free Vaccinations developed with the help of the Gates Foundation
An injection-free vaccination system is currently being tested.It is a small pad about the size of the top of your finger. It has small sharp needles on it that when you press it into the finger administers the vaccine. This is great because it means that people can give themselves the vaccine and it’s much less painful than hypodermic needles. They use dried sugar to create the array of microneedles. This would then be laced with the vaccine. Traditional vaccines have to be kept refrigerated. This is a severe limitation in developing countries. This new method of vaccination can work in normal room temperatures.

My review of Spotify
Spotify has been out for a few months in Ireland and I’m really enjoying it. Spotify is a music streaming service that has thousands of songs. There are two membership levels, free and a monthly subscription. You can download the app for mac and windows. The app is very easy to use and looks very nice. I have been using spotify extensively over the last month and I really like it. I have never looked up a song spotify does not have. I am still on the free version of spotify however. The free version does not allow you to use the mobile version of the app. The main reason I have not gone for the monthly subscription is because I have a music collection and I want to listen to music when I’m on a long journey and I don’t want to use up all of my data.

Sky providing Broadband in Ireland
Last year Sky made a deal with BT and Eircom for line rental to provide internet in Ireland. Sky broadband is now available and here are the packages:


  • Sky Broadband Lite – €30 per month with sky talk freetime
  • Sky Broadband Lite – €37.50 per month with sky talk anytime
  • Sky Broadband Unlimited – €40 per month with sky talk freetime
  • Sky Broadband Unlimited – €47.50 per month with sky talk anytime