Talks About Tech Weekly 101: In Spain


On this episode we talk about the Ebay hack, google buying twitch and more.

ebay-logo-in-chicago-fontEbay Hacked
This week Ebay made their customers aware that over 145 million passwords, names and addresses were hacked. However, Ebay have been highly criticised for not letting their customers know sooner. The hacks actually occurred in February and March 2014 but Ebay only made the public announcement this week. Ebay have also been heavily criticised for not giving enough information about the breach or what precautionary measures you should put in place. The US and EU are now doing independent investigations into why Ebay didn’t notify customers earlier and why they did not provide adequate information.

Google Plans To Buy Twitch
Google is looking to buy the live streaming giant Twitch for $1 billion. Twitch was set up in 2011 as a spin off of, a live streaming provider. Twitch is dedicated to live streaming video games. It has become the place to go if you want to stream anything to do with video games. They are now the official streamers of E3 and you can live stream form the PS4 and Xbox One as well as games like Minecraft directly.

Many people are saying that this could be one of the best acquisitions Google makes. Why? At the moment Google are trying to push users to use YouTube live to live stream their events. It’s a slow process because it is a highly saturated market. However, if Google combine Twitch with YouTube live they could get a huge number of gamers using their service as well as other live streamers and would help to boost the growth of YouTube live.

If Google decide to combine Twitch with YouTube live it could leave a lot of gamers unhappy. The very thing that has made Twitch so popular is the fact that it is strictly for gaming only. Another thing that Google could do is combine it with Google + like what they did with YouTube, however, this seems unlikely.

What about competition? By buying Twitch, Google will own the entire video game live streaming market which is a huge segment of the entire live streaming market. Do we really want one company to control online video on-demand and live?

Microsoft Surface Pro 3
Last week Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3, the third in the line of Microsoft’s pro tablets. The Pro 3 boasts some nice improvements over its predecessors. It now has a beautiful 12-inch display with a resolution of 2160×1440. This makes it a 3:2 aspect ratio which seems to be the sweet spot for tablets.

It also boasts a Mini Display port for external monitors, a headset jack, a microSD card slot and a single USB 3 port.

Microsoft have also redesigned the kickstand. Previous models were pretty much unusable anywhere else other than on a desk because they were heavy and the kickstand was clumsy. Now Microsoft have added a setting on the kickstand for lap use. They have also made improvements to the backlit type cover and added a larger trackpad.

Prices start at €819 for the Core i3 64GB model and go all the up to a Core i7 model with a 512GB hard drive for €1989. You can preorder them from the microsoft store here.

Apple Buying Dr. Dre Beats
A few weeks ago rumours started of Apple being interested in buying the headphone manufacturer Dr. Dre Beats. This isn’t the first time Apple have been interested in buying the company but Dr. Dre officially unofficially confirmed the acquisition. This would make it Apple’s largest acquisition although it won’t make Dre. Dre hip-hop’s first billionaire like many have been saying.

So the question is what are Apple going to do with a designer headphone and speaker manufacturer. There have been many different speculations about what Apple are going to do with Beats. They could use the Beats branding to boost the sales of Apple products and make them more desirable. This doesn’t quite make sense because Apple is in many ways a more desirable brand than Beats. If Apple wanted to do this they could just sign a contract like HTC did for their BoomSound speakers.

The most popular reason seems to be that Apple have ran out of great ideas. They are interested in Beats for their recently launched premium music service. Apple have dominated the online music industry since its inception and now streaming services such as Spotify are taking over. Apple wants a slice of that pie.