Talks About Tech Weekly 099: May The 4th Be With You


may 4thOn this episode we talk about the F8 conference, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and more.

Facebook F8 Conference

F8 is held every second year for Facebook developers to give them a sneak peak at upcoming new features for Facebook. There are loads of dev’s who rely on Facebook to make their income so this conference is very important to them. From the conference we learned a number of new and interesting things:

1. No More Experiments
Facebook have said that they won’t be moving fast and breaking things like in the past. They are focusing on making a more stable platform for developers and users alike.

2. App Links
A while back Facebook bought a company called Parse. From this acquisition Facebook have now created App Links, a solution for app-to-app linking for mobile devices. While this service is very much for developers it’s still interesting to see how it works and how it may benefit consumers.

Currently if you click on a link in Facebook you are redirected to your mobile web browser where you have to log in again before you are sent to the original link. Facebook’s solution is an open source and cross platform standard for app-to-app linking. The idea is that you can add some simple code into your web content or mobile app to allow other developers to link directly to it.

This is currently possible without App Links but you have to rely on other developers to enable this feature is their app and it is complicated to do. App Links is an easy solution and is a standard that everyone can use.

3. Use Facebook to Anonymously Log Into Websites
You can already use your Facebook account to use many other applications and services. Now you can log into these apps anonymously first with the idea of trying out the service first and then deciding later if you want to give the app your personal details. You can also choose what personal information is shared with the app when you use it. For example if you didn’t want the app to know your date of birth you could just block it. The feature will be coming out soon but there is no exact time yet.

4. New Ad Network
Pretty much all of Facebook’s revenue is from online advertisement and monitisation. Now Facebook is launching their own ad network called the Facebook Audience Network (or FAN for short). This solution allows developers to use FAN ads just like iAds or Google’s AdMob in their apps.

Although very similar to iAds or AdMob Facebook is differentiating it from its rivals by ensuring that their ads will be of higher quality. They are limiting to one ad per page and they want to make sure that the ad isn’t blocking any buttons or limiting the functionality of the app.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Just a few days ago Activision released the first trailer for the up and coming Advanced Warfare game from the Call of Duty franchise. This came after a portion of the game was leaked previously to the release. The trailer features Kevin Spacey as a ruthless militant leader hell bent on taking down democracy. Hiring a multi award winning actor as a main character for a video game sounds very interesting and could add a really interesting story line to the campaign. This has certainly got me very interested once again in Call of Duty. If you want to watch the trailer you can click the link here.