Talks About Tech Weekly 098: The Future of The Blokia


On this episode we talk about the leaked iPhone 6 case, Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia and more!

iphone6_caseOpen Beta Seed Program for OS X Mavericks
This week for the first time, Apple released an open beta for the next update for OS X Mavericks. You can go to to sign up for a free, open beta of their upcoming OS X 10.9.3. This is an interesting move for Apple and I certainly welcome it. Previously, beta releases of iOS and Mac OS X were only available to paying developers. Although 10.9.3 is a somewhat minor update I live in hope that Apple will do this for larger releases to come in the future.

Leaked iPhone 6 Design
An iPhone case manufacturer seems to have leaked what appears to be a case for the new iPhone 6. UnboxTherapy covered the case in their latest video.

The first thing that was apparent from the video is the larger size overall with a 4.7 inch display. The leaked phone is similar size and shape to the Google Nexus 5. The power switch is now located on the side of the device, ideal for a phone of its size. The case also shows that the phone is much thinner than the iPhone 5S. There is no way to tell if this leak is real but many of the main technology blogs have picked up on the story.

I would personally love to see the introduction of 4k on the iPhone 6 but we’ll have to wait until later this year to find out.

Microsoft Becomes Hardware Company
Eight months ago Microsoft announced that they were buying Nokia. This week the deal was finalised. Microsoft is to pay €3.79 billion for Nokia’s hardware business. In addition they are to pay €1.65 billion to license Nokia’s patents. In total it will cost Microsoft €5.44 billion (approximately $7.2 billion).

So what are Microsoft getting from the deal? Microsoft are now acquiring all Nokia Windows Phones, Asha phones, Android X phones and feature phones. Microsoft will become a huge mobile device manufacturer that ships over 200 million devices a year. Along with the purchase of Nokia’s hardware devision 25,000 employees will be moving to Microsoft. They are planning to rebrand the newly acquired business ‘Microsoft Mobile’ and Microsoft plan on running it separately to the rest of Microsoft for the time being.

Nokia will still exist and focus on NSN (Nokia’s Network Infrastructure), HERE maps and Advanced Technologies. Nokia have already paid for a four year license of HERE maps.

The question now is how Microsoft will begin to integrate this new hardware devision with their current business. As part of the acquisition, Microsoft now own Nokia’s beloved Blokia’s. So what’s going to happen to these famous phones near and dear to our hearts? Another question is about Nokia’s X phones. These phones run android with a Windows Phone skin. Will Microsoft continue to produce these handsets? Nokia recently released their Windows RT Lumia tablet. Are Microsoft going to hold the Surface brand or decide to take on the Lumia?