Talks About Tech Weekly 070: Xbox One Changes and More


On this episode we talk about the Xbox One Changes, the Tesla Model S and more.

Xbox One Changes
Microsoft have been getting lots of negative feedback over their next generation Xbox One console because of restrictions on used games as well as the console having to be connected to the internet every 24 hours. However, Microsoft have now announced that there will be no restrictions on used games and that the only time the console will have to be online is to register the console at setup.

Instagram Video Is Here
The Twitter owned social network Vine has been very popular in recent times. The idea is that you record a short 6 second video clip of whatever you want to share. It’s like a video tweet. Well, now Instagram have decided to do the same thing. Instagram is famous as a photo sharing social network but now their adding video to the mix. Instagram video allows you to record up to 15 seconds of video and gives you editing features, the option to pause a recording and more. With instagram video you can share with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Email, Foursquare and Flickr. With Vine you can only share to Facebook and Twitter. Within the first 24 hours over 5 million video’s were made which is just incredible. It will definitely be very interesting to see the popularity of Instagram video in the future.

Microsoft Surface RT Education Pricing
The Surface RT was released at the Windows 8 launch and hasn’t really taken off. Just this week though Microsoft announced their educational pricing for the tablet starting in August, just in time for back to school. The prices start at $200 for the 32GB, $249 with the touch keyboard and $289 for the type keyboard. The retail pricing is $499 so the discount is pretty substancial. I think this would be a great tablet for school or College with the external keyboard.

Robot that Flies Like a Bird
I was watching a TED talk and I decided to share it on the show it was so amazing! A robotic bird has been developed. The main goals for the development of the bird were for it to be strong, powerful and lightweight. It’s called smartbird and it flies just like a bird. The pattern in which the robotic bird flaps its wings is very similar to that of a real bird. It is also very light weighing in at just 450g. Here is the TED talk video: